About Nicki

Establishing Relationships Allows Us to Accomplish Great Things!

Whitley County is an amazing place to live.

Working People, Working Together…

I have served Allen County for over two decades and now I am excited and ready to put that same time, energy, and passion into Whitley County.  I grew up in Leo – Cedarville and my husband, Michael, grew up just outside of South Whitley.  We moved to Whitley County so that our children could grow up and experience a place where trust, genuine neighbors, and pride in community and Country are valued.  It is important that our children witness what strong conservative values can produce.  I have always said, when we work together, all things are possible!

I live in Thorncreek Township with my husband, Michael, our three children, and my mother.  I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice from Indiana University – Fort Wayne and a Master’s of Science in Business Management from Indiana Wesleyan University.  I currently have over twenty years’ experience working in City and County Government, which includes public safety.

I welcome all questions: